Jim Beam Mural in Florida


Brands have to guard against inconsistency constantly. That's one of the reasons that we champion an annual update to the Brand Book. A consistent image is one that customers will recognize and remember, and it's something that delivers the intended image of the brand.

Occasionally there are opportunities, like a permanent installation on a 90 foot long wall, that require a special departure from what might be seen in the Brand Book.

A Florida retailer was interested in a mural featuring Beam products, but only if it matched the aesthetic of another mural he had in one of his other stores. 

The store owner shared some examples of a stylized mural that he wanted us to use as direction. Our designer Scott Leta used this illustration style to fit the request.

We presented the creative in 3 rounds:

  1. A rough photo collage and some line drawings to establish subject matter and composition.
  2. The beginning stages of bringing that composition to life in the desired style including linework and color.
  3. A final round to deliver proofs before we started production.

It starts out as rough ideas while we select content and gradually the composition comes together. It’s a benefit to have a client that can see past the rough beginning stages so that we can involve them throughout the process and quickly get on the same page.